Advantages of Brushless DC motor used in electric flat cars

Time:2018-08-11 12:00:00

1. The system includes: brushless DC motor + controller, which can conveniently realize various functions, such as forward/backward, stepless speed regulation, soft start, remote control, etc. It is equipped with complete, integral debugging test, excellent performance and easy to use.

2. No spark, no need to replace the carbon brush, protection grade: IP54, water, mud, soil will not enter the motor, compact structure, overload capacity, long service life.

3, excellent speed regulation performance, full speed stepless speed regulation in full speed range.

4. There is no boost transformer on the flat car, no dangerous high voltage, AC36V track electricity after rectification is only about 48V DC, there is no hidden danger of safety, will not cause electric shock casualties.

5, low carbon energy saving: permanent magnet brushless motor small volume, light weight, less heat and high efficiency. Meet the requirements of national energy conservation and emission reduction. It is an upgraded product of DC brush motor and AC asynchronous motor. Compared with AC asynchronous motor in frequent start-up and stop occasions, its running efficiency is more than 25% higher. It is a kind of green environmental protection motor.

6. High reliability: brushless motor system is waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shockproof, high temperature resistant and maintenance free. Controller and rectifier module are made of automobile grade components imported from USA, and their reliability is far higher than industrial grade.

7. Excellent load characteristics, good low-speed performance, large starting torque, small starting current, to meet the needs of frequent starting of electric vehicles, saving electricity. The motor operates efficiently in the whole speed range, which is substantially higher than that of brush DC motor and AC variable frequency motor (which are only efficient near the rated point).

8. Pulse-type electricity, in line with the discharge characteristics of the battery, does not require the battery instantaneous output of large current, to prevent the battery instantaneous power loss. Compared with brush DC motor or AC frequency converter motor, one charge can run 30% - 50% more mileage, and the battery life can be increased by 50%.

9. The motor adopts inserted rare earth magnetic steel, and the permanent magnet adopts 180 degree high temperature rare earth permanent magnet. It can work safely and reliably in extremely bad environment. It is especially suitable for bumping, repeated starting, high speed, large torque starting and positive reverse operation.