Many customers are very curious about the new brushless motor, here to popularize some knowledge of brushless motor

Time:2018-08-11 12:00:00

Many do pumps, do AGV cars and other customers want to know about the recently introduced brushless motor rattan ruler machine, here is to popularize some knowledge of brushless motor. Foshan City Teng ruler electrical and mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of brushless motor.

Brushless motor is a DC motor and a permanent magnet DC motor. It is the same as our familiar servo motor is permanent magnet synchronous motor. Brushless motors are Fang Bo, and the efficiency of square wave energy conversion is 80%. The servo motor is sine wave, and the efficiency of the sine wave energy conversion is 90%.

Brushless motor its core three basic components are: Holzer board, magnet, coil. Coils, as everyone knows, determine power; magnets, we usually use a tile, a tile has two poles, one pair of poles, so if there are four tiles in the motor is 4 poles 8 pairs of poles; Hall plate, there are three induction points, each induction point 120 degrees apart, in the case of eight pairs of poles, a circle of 3 * 8 = 24 Signal feedback.

In addition, the stator part of brushless motor: shell (silicon steel sheet); flange, lower shell (aluminum alloy), coil. The factors that affect the quality of the motor are the grade of the silicon steel sheet, whether it is an integral molding, the uniformity of the incision, the materials used and so on. Good motor silicon steel sheets are not exposed.

If the brushless motor needs remote control, it needs communication protocol to support <232 protocol, 485 protocol, can protocol (support 1 to many)>, which is controlled by the host computer. It means that the host computer sends instructions to the driver to run according to the instructions, so the brushless motor must be equipped with a driver. The distance between the brushless motor and the driver is generally within 6 meters, while the distance between the computer and the driver is now temporarily the longest is 60M. The interface on the drive is the analog terminal.

The use of brushless motor, the use of temperature: - 25 (-+60%); in the north of the cold place to use the main need to consider is to replace the grease reducer to low-temperature grease. Series 57 brushless motors will generate a lot of heat if the recommended power is below 70W for a long time.

Because brushless motor is a new type of motor, many manufacturers of equipment have not yet mastered it. If you need to know more about the brushless motor, you can continue to pay attention to our Fujimoto official website, will constantly update the information of brushless motor. You can also consult our technical personnel. The telephone number is +86-15258980738