What is the difference between brushless motor and brush motor?

Time:2018-08-11 12:00:00

With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the fierce market competition, many enterprises and businesses in addition to the product price and appearance of wanton fuss, but also in the general small details of electric vehicles are advertised, the most is for the motor brush and brushless publicity, brushless motor advertising is One of the highlights. When you see this noun, you can't help but wonder if there must be a brush if there is a brush, then what's the difference between brush and brushless? The next little editor will answer for you.

1. When the brush motor works, the coil and commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and the carbon brush do not rotate. The alternating change of the coil current direction is accomplished by the commutator and the brush which rotate with the motor. In the electric vehicle industry, brush motor is divided into high speed brush motor and low speed brush motor. There are many differences between brushless and brushless motors. From the name we can see that brushless motors have carbon brushes and brushless motors have no carbon brushes.

2. Brushless DC motor is a typical mechatronics product, which consists of motor body and driver. Since the brushless DC motor operates in an automatic manner, it will not add a starting winding to the rotor like the synchronous motor starting under heavy load under frequency conversion speed regulation, nor will it oscillate and out of step when the load changes suddenly.

3, brush motor is a traditional product with relatively stable performance.

Brushless motor is upgraded, and its life performance is better than that of brush motor. But its control circuit is more complex, and it requires more strict screening of components. Although the motor life is long, the control circuit is prone to be defective. Therefore, the selection of brushless motor must undergo strict reliability test to ensure the quality. However, with the continuous upgrading of technology, brushless motor technology has been quite mature.

4. In the actual production process, because brush-tooth DC motor is a high-speed motor, gear teeth are very small, easy to wear, but the strength, climbing ability. The brushless DC motor eliminates the trouble of carbon brush for two or three years in use. However, due to the process of controlling brushless motor, the accuracy is very high. Moreover, brushless motor controller has a higher price. In contrast, brushless DC motor, although to replace the carbon brush, but it is very easy to replace the carbon brush, and the motor control is relatively simple, smooth motor operation, high safety factor.

5. Brushless motor refers to the motor is the direct current input, control its controller only to provide it with the size of the current can speed; Brushless motor is actually a three-phase alternating current motor, by the controller to convert direct current into three-phase alternating current, and according to the motor sensor Hall component commutation so that the normal operation of the motor. In direct terms, brushless motors have longer life and energy-saving start than brush motors, but the controller costs more than brush controllers. At present, all of them are brushless controllers, and brushes are basically eliminated. Electric vehicle controller is used to control the start, operation, forward and backward, speed, stop and other electronic devices of electric vehicles, the core controller, it is like the brain of electric vehicles, is an important part of electric vehicles.